Who knows what can happen when you’re in vacay mode in South Florida.

“This is the first story in a series “Nothing Succeeds like Excess” about some of my earlier escapades. It’s a true tale although the names have changed to protect the wicked. It was a different time in a very wild place. I’d love to hear about your exploits with friends. Please share any you like with me and if you enjoy, please show me you enjoyed and Like it! Love, The Dalliance”

Alex took a break from packing for a weekend in Palm Beach. Her friend Kim had recently moved from Santa Cruz to Palm Beach and invited her for a little getaway. Alex took last-minute getaways all the time to hike, ski, do anything on the water, or for weekend trysts. It was a rare treat to hang with her friend. The girls met at Barre class and last year went to a yoga retreat in Baja together. Kim told her that Trip was a socialite and was known to get invites to swanky events. Alex made sure to pack more than her bikini and workout clothes. After she packed her Louboutin’s, she threw in some racy lingerie just in case it got interesting.

Alex worked hard and played hard. She was a senior analyst for a well-known Wall Street firm and traveled often as part of the transaction services team. She was strictly business onsite with clients and in New York, but she called Santa Cruz home and was unapologetic about her busy, private, and vibrant life after work. She had a ton of frequent flyer miles, TSA Pre-Check, and too many toiletries to count. She was twenty-nine, single, and not ready to settle down any time soon. She loved the freedom as a free spirit.

She worked in a male industry, at an intense pace so friendships and relationships were hard. She loved Kim and she was really looking forward to seeing her. Kim knew Alex was bisexual. She explored relationships with people that excited and interested her regardless of their gender. They had some deep conversations on the yoga retreat. They were strictly friends, but in the back of her mind, she wondered if the new couple wanted a little sexual adventure.

Once she finished packing she had an early morning run on the beach. She had errands to run before catching a flight to West Palm Beach. The day passed quickly and uneventfully, and before she knew it, she was almost there. It felt like a blink of an eye before the captain announced that they were on their final descent into West Palm Beach. Soon she was through the gate and heading down to meet in front of the Jet Blue terminal. Kim was her effervescent, sunny self bolting out of her convertible to greet her friend.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all week! I know it’s only been a few months, but I’ve missed you!” Alex was equally excited to see Kim.

“Hi! Can’t wait to hear everything!”

They headed down Okeechobee Boulevard towards Palm Beach proper. Kim’s new beau lived off of Ocean Boulevard facing the Intracoastal in a very posh large three-bedroom condo in a full-service building. As they neared the spot, Alex asked Kim about her new boyfriend, Trip. Was he excited to have Kim host her friend? Was he going to be with them all weekend? Kim assured her to expect an easy, fun weekend.

Soon they had a cocktail in hand and were enjoying a breathtaking wraparound patio on their high-floor condo.

“So what’s going on?” Alex asked of her friend.

“We’re so glad you’re here. Tomorrow, we have a late afternoon drink with some friends at a club in the next town over. We’re planning on a late meal at Strictly Ta-boó on Worth Avenue. Just so you know, the restaurant turns into a club later on.”

“Sounds great! So what’s Trip like? Is he conservative or a wild man?” Alex was trying to get a read on her host.

“He runs with some pretty exotic friends, from here and from living and working abroad. He’s originally from New York. You guys will get along fine.”

Alex slept soundly. The girls had an amazing day. First, they headed to Kim’s new Barre studio. They spent hours talking about Kim’s new job in aviation over a coffee and a smoothie. She told her all about the whirlwind romance with Tim, who she met at the new private hangar complex in San Jose. They rode beach bikes over to the Dunbar Road beach near the condo before heading home to enjoy some downtime. Alex was giddy about the evening and had a little spa day with her hotel toiletry stash.

She laid out a very revealing little black dress she had just bought at a Brazilian boutique in New York. She realized trying it on that she simply couldn’t wear a bra or underwear under the dress. Originally she had bought it for salsa dancing but it hugged her figure so well she just had to wear it. She shrugged. It wouldn’t be the first time she went commando. As she settled into the back of Trip’s SUV, she saw him checking her out in the rearview mirror. They had drinks in Delray Beach at the Ocean Club before heading to Strictly Ta-boó.

Alex was in no mood to be weighed down with a heavy meal, so she had the house specialty: deviled eggs and some grilled fish. Dinner was fun and easy. A piano player played standards and she was so happy as she headed to the ladies’ room. As she returned to the table, she felt determined eyes on her as she made her way across the room. One of the people was Trip, which was a little concerning. But there was an older, distinguished man with a date who looked like he would eat her alive. Alex blushed. She was used to the attention but this was a bit more intense than usual. She realized between the vodka sodas at the club and a few glasses of wine at dinner, she was feeling no pain. So she brazenly met the stranger’s gaze and gave a little chuckle. She still couldn’t get a read on Kim and Trip so she didn’t really acknowledge her host’s stare but hoped it wouldn’t be a problem.

Soon, the piano player gave way to a DJ and she saw a dance floor that could hold a dozen couples. Kim and Alex soon got busy on the dance floor as Trip admired the blondes. The other interested gentleman continued to stare Alex down. She wondered if he was on a date or what could possibly be up with him. Trip came up behind Kim and soon they made a silly sandwich out of her. Trip wandered off for another drink and Alex realized that Kim was leaving to join him.

She was about to wander off herself when she felt a light tap on her waist. She turned to find the stranger in front of her, and with not even a word, he clasped her to dance to the Latin beat salsa style. He was an exceptional dancer. Alex could feel the silkiness of his bespoke shirt and noted the finely tailored pants and loafers with no socks. He smelled like a delicious mix of Creed Aventus, a touch of heat, and a slight whiff of frozen vodka. His left forearm repeatedly brushed her ample breast barely contained by the tiny dress. She realized that her dress was riding dangerously high up near her waist as his left leg repeatedly brought their bodies closer and closer together. It was too loud to talk on the dance floor and although most couples returned to their tables, Alex realized they had been dancing for more than a few songs.

As they continued to spin around the floor, Alex felt his right hand drop from her waist to her moist thigh, where he traced practically grazing her pussy. She shot him a challenging look which was met with a raised eyebrow and a gleam in his eyes.

His first words were, “By now I know there’s nothing under that tiny dress. I hope you found that I am commando too.”

And with that, he picked up her hand off his waist and placed it on a very large, hard cock practically poking her belly. Alex drew in a sharp breath. He was indeed very commando and his cock felt astounding. He led them over to the edge of the dance floor, by a dark wall, and he pressed her against the wall allowing his cock to truly hit her taut waist. As he leaned in to kiss her neck, he whispered in her ear.

“I’d rather be dancing in the nude with you. Let me check if you’re interested,” he breathed.

And with that, his hand went from her waist to her thigh to her pussy. And with the slightest touch, he traced her slit before inserting a large manicured finger in her pussy, grazing her hard clit and dipping into her very wet nook. Alex shuddered a bit before looking into his eyes. As he pulled his finger out, he put it into his mouth, where he made an appreciative smack of the lips. And suddenly Alex realized that she needed to check in with her friends. She might have been very interested but she felt like she was acting rudely.

“Thank you for a very provocative dance, Mr…?” Alex asked as she pulled away.

“Rick, you can call me Rick. I hope you’ll join me for a bit more?”

“Perhaps, I need a drink,” and Alex spun away to join her friends.

Once back at the table, she wondered if her friends noticed. If they had, they didn’t remark and they were deep in a conversation. Alex finished her drink.

“Hey, I am going to get a refill, can I get you another?” Alex asked. When there was no reply, she got up to go to the bar. As she waited to order, she felt Rick behind her with a very familiar hand on her low back.

“Care to join me for some champagne at my table instead?”

“I’ll stick to what I am drinking, thanks. Maybe I will stop by in a bit.” Alex had a rule that she bought her own drinks which she made sure were either in the bartender’s hand or hers. You can never be too safe.

But when she was back at the table, her friends continued their tête-à-tête so she wandered over to his table. Suddenly he was sitting there alone and she slid in beside him on the upholstered banquette seat. It was late enough and the patrons were drunk and preoccupied enough that it seemed they were there alone. Now sitting next to him, she surveyed Rick. He was well over six feet tall, with an athletic body, blue eyes, a very white smile, and sporting some gray hair. He was in his late forties or fifties. She was barely thirty.

“Let’s not ruin this with small talk,” she said. “I don’t care what you do, or where you live. I am not even interested in your date earlier unless she is a jealous wife, in which case, I am out of here.”

“Nope, never married. That was my girlfriend, Joy. She had another engagement so we’ll catch up later. She knows better than to get jealous over my dalliances. Smart woman.”

And with a swift movement, Rick folded her brief hem aside so he could expose her pussy. Alex was sitting with her legs crossed but as he inched the skirt aside, she uncrossed her legs to give him a full view.

He leaned on the table to fold Alex in an embrace and as he moved, he parted her lips and plunged a finger in. Her clit was erect and pulsing, and when he connected with it, it sent a million-watt jolt through her system. He paused to circle and press it more firmly, and Alex felt her wetness.

“Cum for me on my hand. Or on the dance floor,” he practically purred in her ear.

Alex twitched and found herself grinding on his hand. She leaned over to put her hand on his cock, stroking it through thin, silky wool pants. She could feel the heat and the hardness.

“Hmmm, once I cum, I need that cock in my throat. Later l want it everywhere,” she teased.

Rick grabbed her hand and thrust it below his belted waistband onto his cock. She squeezed it firmly and then traced the head. She felt precum on the tip.

“You’re lucky your slacks are black because you’re about to make a scene with that sword.”

Soon he was rubbing her intensely and she was stroking him, all concealed by the tablecloth. They tried to be discreet. She came hard with a shudder.

“Let’s dance.” And she pulled him to the dance floor.

Their hips shimmied to the music while locked in a tight embrace. Rick spun her around to make her back to him. She could feel his cock poking her back as they made their way back to the corner wall. The dance floor had filled up considerably. Now you could no longer see much beyond the floor. Alex found her front pressed up against the wall and her legs deftly parted. Suddenly, she felt a huge head enter her pussy; he was fucking her on the dance floor! For what seemed like an eternity, he pressed into her. She broke the embrace to pull down her dress.

“Rick, you’re a great dancer. Thanks so much for the dances,” she said as she turned to leave him.

As she sat down, her friends were suddenly quiet. It was getting late. Trip said he would get the check. Kim was the first to break the silence.

“Why don’t we head home for skinny dipping in our hot tub on the patio?!”

The girls started laughing. Everyone loved that idea. As the waiter dropped off the check, Rick came by the table and dropped his card. It was on heavy card stock with simply his name, New York and Palm Beach, and a few phone numbers.

“It was nice to meet you…” he said, clearly fishing for her name. “I hope our paths cross again.”

“Good to meet you too. I’m Alex and unfortunately, I don’t have a card on me.”

She smiled at him a little bit dismissively. But something about him was positively magnetic. She surprised herself by saying, “I am in town through tomorrow. I’m in New York a lot.” And with that, she stood up to follow her friends to the valet stand. She didn’t look back but she could feel him watching her. She needed some time to think about him.

During the ride home, Trip asked a few questions. Alex was kind of squirming but also getting that her friends may have seen her with Rick.

“You really hit it off with that guy. What happened?”

Alex blushed and didn’t know how to reply. Did her friends know how intimate they had been? She wondered. She wasn’t dwelling on it. She was thinking about the hot tub.

Once home, the friends swiftly disrobed and took a quick shower before jumping into the small hot tub. Alex slid in next to Kim but Trip moved in between them. The girls giggled as he plopped down. Trip picked up where he left off.

“Did he touch you on the dance floor?” he asked. He was fishing big time.

Alex noticed his hand was in Kim’s lap. Kim was leaning back with her eyes closed.

“Never underestimate Alex! She is a magnet for fun with a fabulous sex life. I can totally see that happening,” Kim gushed.

“It was definitely dirty dancing,” Alex giggled. “The last time something like that happened was at a lesbian club in Miami. It felt harmless at the time but later found out it is like you’re going steady if you’re a lesbian!” she laughed at the memory.

“Wait, are you gay?” asked Trip.

“No, most definitely not gay. I am an equal opportunity lover! I love both!”

Trip whistled to himself. Kim opened her eyes and looked at Alex with a very sly smile. They were flirting with her.

“It was definitely exciting. He was a great dancer and I let things get carried away. Must be my vacay mode,” Alex said.

“Well, alright! We can be on vacay mode too!” And Kim leaned over to kiss Trip deeply.

As she watched them, Alex snaked her finger to her clit, which was still hard and pulsing rhythmically. Yep, she was so aroused that if she could fuck the couple, she would.

“I know Kim knows I am a free spirit, but you guys should know, I am totally respectful. Not everyone is okay with bisexuality. I just love to live life to the fullest and I have a very healthy sex drive.” As she said this she was as light and casual as she could be.

“We aren’t experienced at all, but we both noticed your dirty dancing. We’re incredibly attracted to you. It is totally fine with us,” Kim said as she looked over at Alex expectedly.

“Well, in that case, why don’t you help me suck Trip for a little dessert?” she purred.

She put her hand on Trip’s cock. It was hard and bobbing. Trip sprang up to sit on the edge of the hot tub. Alex and Kim moved in between his legs. One grabbed his cock and one settled on sucking his warm wet balls. Up and down and sucking firmly, Alex and Kim stayed this way for a long moment until they switched. Alex thrust his cock deep into her throat as she stared directly up at him. She popped his cock out of her mouth and looked at them both expectedly while whispering to Trip.

“So who will you fuck first? Let’s go!”

“Kim, sit on my face while Trip fucks me so you can cum, then maybe we switch, or stack like pancakes!”

The trio practically leaped out of the tub to jump into bed. Kim straddled Alex’s face and after a moment settled down and groaned appreciatively as Alex sucked her to climax. Trip was struggling with a condom and then entered her. Soon, Kim was convulsing on Alex’s lips, and it felt like Trip might blow. Alex tapped Kim’s thigh and sat up, grabbing Trip’s cock at the root firmly.

“Slow down, cowboy! All ladies get their turn,” Alex said as she slid out of the way for Trip to fuck Kim.

Alex had Trip scoot down to stand and fuck Kim so she could go down on her and make her cum on his cock. Soon the friends were close to cumming and Alex said, “Are we having fun yet? Who is going to go down on me next?” She laughed. And with that, Trip came hard in Kim.

After lying back down, a few moments passed when Trip said, “I will go first. I have got to taste that pussy.”

Alex lay back and spread her legs for Trip while Kim leaned down to kiss her. Soon her thighs were shaking, and she felt an explosion of stars as she had a volcanic orgasm that shook her body. He lay back next to her and for a moment, it felt like Kim might actually go down on her too.

“I need a minute,” she shuddered. “I was just kidding!”

Soon they were drifting off to sleep. In the morning, no one mentioned the hot tub or tried to be romantic on her last day. Alex slowly wandered around picking up sandals and packing. This was certainly the best time she had ever had in Palm Beach!

As they headed to the airport, Alex thanked them for the weekend hospitality. She briefly thought about Rick and knew there would be another evening with him too, she hoped. The couple hugged her together at the sunny entrance to the terminal.

“We hope you’ll visit again soon!”

…To be continued