It’s mid-afternoon as I am crossing Central Park and the light is beginning to fade when I arrive alone at The Ritz. The doorman’s gloved hand opens the grand doors and ushers me into the vast entrance. In the lobby, I walk right past the front desk without a glance. I don’t break my stride and set my sights on the elevator bank at the far side of the lobby. Room 2608, reads the text and I’ll find the door open. My knee-length black suede trench coat conceals only the barest of outfits, strictly black satin lingerie, an open cup bra, a well-tailored satin garter belt, and black silk Cuban-heel hose with red-bottomed stilettos. I feel the diamond necklace around my neck and a few carats in each ear that adorn my face, and I am hiding behind my large black sunglasses. I sport a fresh face with red satiny lipstick. Frankly, it’s as au natural as I do.

A sweet ding announces that the elevator is here. When the elevator doors close, I choose the twenty-sixth floor and realize we’ve waited to meet through a plague, the war, and my divorce and now we’re finally to meet IRL.

The ding from each floor delivers fresh jitters, and I can feel the color rising in my cheeks. My heart pounds. I’m anxious as a cat and as each floor whizzes by, it’s bringing me closer to you and building the anticipation in me. I catch a glimpse of myself in the gilded doors. I lean on one leg, silk crosses silk, and I feel a slight cool kiss of air on my nude wetness. My bare clit pulses and reminds me how long I’ve waited for this day. I am impatient. I part my suede trench coat and flash my pale breast and give the nipple a sharp pinch. In the closed, gilded doors, I look lovely and highly aroused. I see the devilish gleam in my green eyes. I carefully dressed just for you in stockings, no panties, and a hint of a bra. I toss a deep giggle. I’ve got nowhere to be until tomorrow. No one expects me. I cleared my calendar for the rest of the day, and now I silence my phone. This time is just for us.

This afternoon is a delicious treat. I leisurely got ready for you, with a hot bath, and a single stiff drink. As much as I wanted to touch myself all day, I held off to let the anticipation build. I imagine your huge hands rubbing the oil into the warm skin. I close my eyes and can barely endure my desire for you. I need your fingers opening up small places like behind my knees, on my neck, cupping my breasts, then tracing my hip bones, until finally, landing near my sex.

We met online in dark rooms on questionable sites over a long time. What initially began as a flirty chat and repartee evolved into sharing nudes, then texts on various apps, then videos, and finally meeting over FaceTime, then a nude cam session. Many fantasies come to mind, their vividness, and how I’ve wanted to cum on your fingers, squeezing them with my satin walls, cum on those lips, and on your cock. This last thought brings a fresh rush of wetness.

I smile to myself wickedly; I know the open cups offer a tempting display, the garter and silk stockings beckoning you to my smooth, hot, wet pussy. I’m beyond desire now and slip fingers to my hot pinkness now, where I find a generous stiff clit, steadily pulsing. I may cum right now, and after a long moment circling my clit, I dip a finger deep inside of me. I lift my fingers to my lips and take a taste. I taste sweet and tart and delicate like a ripe pear. I plunge them back into that hot box, and all I find is wetness and urgency. This is the longest elevator ride of my life.

I’ve never met you in person, never kissed your face, haven’t heard your voice, smelled your hair, tasted you deeply. It’s possibly impossible. I could step out of my golden cage, stride to your suite, wordless, and in an instant, it completely doesn’t work. I’d say sorry. I never compromise. Chemistry is the most daunting challenge.

After a long sigh at that thought, my breathing turns slow and deep now like I am in a reverie. My desire has laid me bare and raw. I know that my face betrays everything I am thinking. So I know that when we meet in the suite, in one glance, my eyes will share with you ten million things, forever unspoken about how hot I am for you and how perfectly desired you are right now. Nothing has to be said because the dance we two strangers will share, needs no translation, no intro, and is elemental. You could be whispering in Swahili with no impact at all. I’ve forbidden you to talk to me today. Maybe I will reconsider later.

So, wordlessly, I lightly rap on the door, the security lock leaving it slightly ajar, and as the doors open, I step into the cool foyer. It’s still and sterile in its opulence, dignified, and such a stark contrast to me. Under the cool façade, I am a hot mess. I am so thoroughly excited and wet, I can feel my need for you gently rolling down my legs when I walk. I blush when I think, I hope you won’t hear its light timber of wetness opening up. My senses are on full alert.

But wait, I haven’t seen you yet. So with a deep breath, I step in even further and drop my suede coat behind me. And just because I am a woman on fire right now, I can’t resist dipping my fingers into my wet pussy for another taste licked off my fingertips. Then you are there. I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning. You are exactly as I hoped you would be – in a crisp white shirt, well-worn jeans, and beautiful loafers. So when you meet me with open arms, I lean into you.

Your smooth cheeks offer a generous smile and I find your hungry mouth. Can you taste me in my kiss? I am lost in our deep kiss. I thrust my finger urgently back into my pussy and into me before I bring them up to our kiss. You hold my gaze and suck my fingers. I promise myself with that look I’ll cum on your mouth. I kiss you deeply and my need darkens into something blood red.

I put a strong palm on your cock before yanking the zipper down. I am wondering – do you want to be in my mouth? Where do you need to cum first? How long and how deep will you fit into my throat and around my mouth? Will you taste me first?

Your hand yanks my hand up, and you firmly lead me to a darkened room. An enormous bed beckons me, and you gently push me down. I spread my legs, and you hover inches over me dipping to bite my nipple then my soft belly, my hip, and my closed lips. My clit is at full attention and its thimble-sized head needs to be between your lips and in your mouth. But you take your sweet time kissing every single centimeter of my body.

My eyes flash a dare that I need you to make me yours. Your forearms pin me down and force my legs wide apart as your head ducks down, and I feel your breath then lips then tongue tease my pussy. The feeling is beyond combustible, I may cum in an instant. I implore you wordlessly to suck it tenderly until you don’t when you can’t control sucking it at all. Suddenly the silence ends and the first thing I’ve said echoes in the quiet room. I’m Cumming I scream, my legs buckling straight then wide, then tight around your head. Nothing is left untouched by this tidal wave, and as I cum again on your lips, my legs wrap strongly around your shoulders and I realize you’re not stopping and I’m Cumming harder than I’ve ever imagined.

I’m beyond reason now. I must feel your steely suede cock inside every hole I have. I need to ride it mercilessly. I’m Cumming so hard that my eyes flip into my head. First things first, I’ve got to suck that cock.

I sit up and guide you beside me, as I unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants. Now freed your cock stands at attention until I take it in my hands. It is at least as big as I hoped it would be. It’s at least a two-handed job. I lick my lips before plunging it in between my lips. First, I suck the head, and my tongue dips into a dent. I have to violate you in some way. I plunge you into my throat, gagging until I pull up with a gasp. It gags me. Do you love it? I don’t ask for an answer.

When it feels like you may burst at any second, I pull up and, with a very firm grip on your cock, I push you down so your back is on the bed, then shimmy up to get astride on your cock.

With a slight delicate squat, I guide that huge suede head to my very wet pussy. I press my hips down but you’re slightly too wide and hard to slide easily in so I shimmy and pump as gently and firmly as I can. I cannot describe how electric your cock feels inside of me. It astonishes me how huge you are when suddenly I feel it thud on my cervix. I take a look down but you’re not entirely in. I don’t think you will fit while I am on top. I pop onto my feet like a little jockey and begin to steadily pump you. Your eyes are mostly closed, but I can feel how even harder you’ve gotten. I am not going to let you cum, so after a little crazy twerking, I grab you at the root again. Not so fast will I let you cum. I scoot down and take you all the way into my throat while I stare into your eyes. I don’t use my hands when I suck cock, I slide you up and down and deep into my throat.

I think to myself, will you fuck me once, twice, or three times before you say Hello for the first time? Will you ever say a word to me? Will it be accented English or something deep and calming, satisfied, and self-assured? Every unanswered question in my mind just reminds me how long I have wanted to be in your bed and your arms.

It’s all been worth the wait and all those sly, sexy chats in the dark at night when we shared erotic needs and many many nudes.

I get my answer quickly, your hand wraps around my long blonde hair and you pull my head into your belly and you urgently fuck my mouth. And right before you roar that you are Cumming, I feel a rush in between my legs and we cum together. My earthquake and petit morte pulse on and on. After a very long moment, I drop panting beside you on the bedspread.

Then I hear your deep Scottish lilt. “So, now, shall I ring for champagne?”

Then I am uncontrollably giggling. “Yes please, and maybe some coffee, I have a feeling we’re going to need all of the energy we can get. The answer is always champagne, but especially during an afternoon like this at The Ritz.”

And you pick up the receiver, wink at me, and dial Room Service. “Two bottles of Veuve Cliquot, a small pot of coffee with cream, and an extra large Do Not Disturb sign please, immediately.”

And as you hang up, you lay back on the pillows.

“Be a good girl and come sit on my face as we wait for reinforcements.”